Performance Improvement

A.K.I. consultants have run business operations in Asia, N America and Europe.

Real experience of managing teams across borders and cultures allows us to help identify and remove obstacles to high performance both internally and in customer and supplier relationships.

Our team provides a temporary resource to bridge cultural gaps during times when change is required and the organisation is under pressure.

We have led project teams to breakthrough results and can assist your teams to do the same.

Common complaints from expatriate managers in Japan regarding their local staff:

  • Lack of leadership in managers
  • Lack of drive
  • Inability to negotiate effectively for the company vs. the customer
  • Over-complicated procedures

Common complaints from Japanese managers regarding foreign managers and organisations:

  • Poor communication – unwilling to listen to team
  • Value action over analysis
  • Don’t put sufficient emphasis on maintaining customer relationships
  • Unclear procedures

Experience shows us that both views are often wrong. Both sides have to find new ways of working. We facilitate this process.