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Your Bridge to Asia

David Syrad

CEO & Founder

About AKI Japan

Since 2006





Market Research

Automotive, Industrial equipment, Medical equipment, ICT, Software
Nutraceutical and Beauty products & Leisure goods

Negotiation Experience

A.K.I. consultants all bring long-experience of successful cross-border negotiations.
We can advise on negotiation strategy, coach negotiators and negotiate on behalf of clients.

Performance Improvement

Real experience of managing teams across borders and cultures allows us to help identify and remove obstacles to high performance both internally and in customer and supplier relationships. Our team provides a temporary resource to bridge cultural gaps during times when change is required and the organisation is under pressure.

We have led project teams to breakthrough results and can assist your teams to do the same.

M & A Support

Target/Partner Search, Introduction, Negotiation, Interpreting & Provision of Interim Management Resources as well as  Legal and Financial Services, Pre-deal facilitation
Post Merger Integration Planning & Strategy Implementation and Business Plan Execution

Feasibility Studies

Business Start Up

A.K.I. consultants call on their extensive experience in setting up and running operations in Japan when carrying out client feasibility studies and assisting in start up activity.

Interim Management

Representative Directors

A.K.I. associates all have extensive experience of growing and restructuring businesses in cross-cultural, cross-border situations.

We can provide immediately effective, hands-on resources to deliver specific projects or resolve specific problems.

Strategy Creation & Implementation

Especially in Automotive Systems and Components , Medical and Pharmaceutical, Industrial Systems Mechanical Engineering & ICT

Sales Representation

Relationship Improvement

Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, MMC, Daihatsu, FHI, Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, Nissan Diesel, JTekt, NTN, Kasai, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Murata, Kenwood, Hitachi Medical, Toshiba Medical, Shimadzu, NSK Nakanishi, Yoshida, Osada, Mitsui Mining and Metals, EMC Japan

About David Syrad

David has set up and grown businesses in Europe and Asia, achieving breakthrough results in sales, cost-reduction and quality performance.

His latest venture, FlowGen GmbH, founded together with Dirk Kuester, is a Swiss-based start-up manufacturing compact, high-efficiency wind turbines. Flowgen wind turbines bring large wind turbine levels of energy conversion efficiency and cost per kWh to the small wind turbine market. Flowgen is in discussion with electricity companies, facilities management companies, electric vehicle manufacturers, stadiums and numerous other electricity producers and users across the globe.

David has set up, grown and restructured businesses in Europe and Asia and has extensive experience of building and working with teams from N and S America. He has managed global business relationships with Japanese customers and partners for 32 years and has 28 years’ experience in the automotive industry. This has brought a wide network of connections.

David’s connections in the Japanese automotive industry, combined with a deep understanding of Western and Japanese business and culture, allow him to initiate and manage relationships and guide clients to successful results.
In addition to managing commercial and technical discussions he acts as interpreter during meetings with Japanese customers. He has managed technical and commercial meetings in a wide range of areas – engine components, transmissions, chassis and suspension, body and roof systems and motors/electronics.
He has negotiated M&A, JV and Alliance deals and managed numerous difficult commercial discussions in Japanese on behalf of AKI customers.
David is a member of: The Japan Strategic Management Society, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Mayor of Osaka’s Foreign Business Network, Organising Committee for Hope International Japan
He has been the face of CIE Automotive in Japan since 2008.


David Syrad


The Japanese laugh at their own obsession with risk in a traditional saying “We even check before every step when crossing a stone bridge (Ishibashi wo tataite wataru)” – everyone knows a stone bridge is safe, but they check anyway.

Japanese OEMs control over 30% of global vehicle production Japanese companies are hierarchical and many decisions are ultimately taken in or strongly influenced by Japan



Our Japanese and non-Japanese executives and entrepreneurs bring practical management experience and flexible resources

Automotive Consolidation – Asian Influence

Ashvin Chotai of Intelligence Automotive Asia and I have just given a seminar at Chatham House in London on the outlook for automotive M&A activity in Asia and outbound from Asia. Although activity has dropped (90 deals in 2007, 30 in 2008), companies are still picking up some of the opportunities thrown up by the …

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Recession in Japan

As with the last recession, it’s hard to tell there’s actually one on. The restaurants and izakaya are still full and the shoppers are as indefatigable as ever. Nevertheless, politicians are talking about extending the social safety net. One reason for this is the move away from full employees to contract and part-time workers over …

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Farewell Fukuda

Well, we saw his arrival as a return to grey nothingness so his departure is hardly grieved. The “all-star” line-up on the LDP side presages a return to power for a non-LDP coalition – a rare event to be treasured, but, unfortunately not inspiring much hope. The chances of such a coalition ramming through sweeping …

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Domestic Challenges for Japan's Automotive Industry

The blog name “Tsurezuregusa” is the title of a Japanese book written in the form of jottings and notes of the thoughts of a retired courtier in the 14th century. Donald Keene translated this as “Essays in Idleness”. From my long absence you may deduce either an excess or a lack of idleness. This month …

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Petrol Tax

Here’s an interesting demonstration of how things in Japan often follow a different logic from elsewhere. In the oil shock years of the 70’s, Japan imposed a temporary petrol tax to discourage excess consumption. Subsequently, throughout the (almost) uninterrupted rule of the LDP, the ruling governments forgot to repeal the “temporary” tax despite the fall …

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Will the Rat bring Wealth?

The Year of the Rat might sound negative to Western ears, but actually these furry charmers are supposed to bring wealth. They are admired for their industriousness among other traits. There are mixed predictions for the Japanese economy this year, but “not bright” seems to be the consensus. Having noted all the reasons for the …

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Turning Leaves

As the baby-boomers start to retire, receiving their retirement bonuses from their grateful employers, the opportunities in the financial sector in the next year or two are great for the well-prepared. There are also widespread predictions of greater leisure spending, but a counter-trend is emerging of companies re-hiring the retirees for a number of reasons: …

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Chilly September

The hot weather has continued, but the world of politics is looking distinctly chilly. No sooner had we started to celebrate Abe’s resolve than it crumbled. The messy appointment of Fukuda indicates a return to the old system. He talks a good reforming game, but is unlikely to be able to deliver much. If Abe …

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Hot August

It has been a sweltering summer with record temperature highs, especially around Nagoya and Tokyo. Measures to reduce electricity use are in place to try to ensure supply at peak demand times. It’s not only the weather that’s been challenging though. The elections sent a strong message of dissatisfaction to the majority Liberal-Democtratic Party (LDP) …

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