Yes we Kan

Mr. Kan replaces Mr. Hatoyama as Prime Minister and effectively Mr Ozawa at the head of the Japan Liberal party. Mr. Hatoyama and Mr. Ozawa were ousted for financial irregularities. Mr. Kan was also forced to resign a few years ago for a few missed social security payments in his student days. He then embarked on a pilgrimage around the temples of Shikoku island and has clearly atoned for his misdoings. Perhaps the LDP politicians who engineered the review of his contributions and the bureaucrats who aided and abetted them should also go on a pilgrimage…

Hopefully, Mr. Kan can compensate for the embarrassing Hatoyama effect and allow the experiment with a non-LDP government to continue. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

As the owner of a Japanese business, I am praying that the Liberals will last long enough to push through the planned reduction in corporation tax. At 5% it’s not world shattering, but sends a very positive message.

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