Yasuyo Selemba Honda

Yasuyo Selemba Honda has worked in the field of customer communication for over 20 years specialising in customer satisfaction by widening the usual focus on  Business Manners, to what she calls 「顧客対応マナー」or「Customer Correspondence Manner」 as a way of conveying true feeling to our valued customers.

Over the past 20 years, beginning with Panasonic Yasuyo has lectured to over 30,000 employees, participated in thousands of customer satisfaction related telephone calls, and conducted training at major companies resulting in improvements on customer satisfaction ratings.

Lead by Yasuyo, AKI Japan delivers this customer-oriented manner training to foreign companies who want to be successful in business in Japan.

Through our manners we communicate our hearts to our customers.

Her training methods have been honed through analysis of 70,000 customer telephone calls and our client companies have achieved the highest customer ratings and consistently favourable reviews Her mission is to enable all companies doing business in Japan, Japanese and others, to deliver the highest level of customer-oriented communication.